January 2, 2021

Frank and Kim Gramercy Park

This year was a doozy for weddings. Most if not almost all got rescheduled for later in the year or pushed to 2021. But couples started choosing smaller, super intimate weddings which the wedding industry coined a “micro wedding”.

A wedding with 10 guests max, complete with a ceremony, photos, and a dinner. I’m all for micro weddings even post pandemic. They allow couples to really enjoy the moment, think about what’s most important. Frank and Kimberly were one of my first micro weddings. Their relationship speaks volumes just by looking at the photos and theirs were one of my favorites of the year. These two are mad for each other and quite the party people I must say.

We spent a few hours walking though their favorite neighborhood of Gramercy Park in New York where they used to call home. Here is to the beginning of their marriage and hopefully more micro weddings in the future!

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